Chakra Body Scan

Chakra Body Scan
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Anew Avenue Biomagnetism

Anew Avenue Biomagnetism

Chakra Ways Body Scan

The Road Less Traveled

The Chakra Ways Body Scan works directly with the emotional patterns and reactions, to the pathway of inflow and out flow of energy. The body and mind reacts with 5% of its conscious mind, while the other 95% lies within the subconscious mind; encoded memories and response to the memory energies. Have you ever paid attention to where the energies ignites within us? A vast role in the neuron firing patterns shows that , ligands, which are known as chemical messengers, called peptides. travel thru extracellular fluids and attach to highly selective receptors throughout the body.

These molecules in turn inflict the nerves, immune system, endocrine glands and the digestive system. Causing emotional chaos to the body. An old saying, time heals all wounds is now a myth. Because we now know, Wherever negative emotions arouse in ones life by means of; inherited, traumas, emotional baggage. only causes ones more pain and suffering in the long run., if not dealt with. Fears, when trapped or hiding is a stopping point to ones life and hiding unhealthy fear only keeps the soul trapped within. Past/problem/now ( past is not real, only the present). All thoughts are electromagnetic, feelings and emotions.

Magnets are another form of energy and the Body is a force field. A magnet to a trapped emotion when surfaced, resembles the same reaction as a magnet to credit card strip - decodes the data and wipes it away. Detox emotions and released. Life is how we choose to respond, unlocking the layers of negative blocks to the divine. Rise and ascend emotional vibration, respect, honor and release them.